That Coffee Selection

So proud to announce that our film THAT COFFE – An Official Selection in The Lift-Off Sessions 2020 Film Festival!


A horror love story. A triangle love story creates an unexpected horror scenario.

Song Of Shoes

Human life cycle explained through shoes on a shoe rack. Impressionistically explained a generation of middle class nuclear family through shoes on shoe rack.

Ajantrik 2020

A story of a boy in modern machinary era, who is bound by the rules of advanced machines but his heart is always want to be free.

FilterCopy | Bachpan Ke Woh Din

Someone please take me back to those golden days 😍
Check out our latest video which is a walk down the memory lane that every 90’s Indian kid would relate to.

FilterCopy | Darpok Dost |

We all have a Fattu in our group 🀣
Check out our second Hatke video which is about friends that are always paranoid of everything.
Be Hatke With Filtercopy Hatke

FilterCopy | When You Date An Aquarius |

You will always notice an Aquarius because they stand out of the crowd 😌
Ever wondered what it’s like to date an Aquarius? Here’s our new video on 7 things you’ll relate to if you’re dating an Aquarius.